Memorial Day Parade in Bellefontaine

Once again The CLARC is assisting in the Memorial Day parade. This year it is Monday May 28th.  The club conducts the parade line up and audio equipment at the cemetery after the parade.

If you are interested in helping out please meet with Gary N8GJK at the American Legion on Colton Ave at 0800. Please bring your HT.  Please use the contact form for any questions.


  • for some reason I am currently unable to get the upcoming events to show the correct date for Memorial Day.

Bikes For Tikes

This appears to be an event that is affiliated with both ARES & EMA groups through multiple areas.

The map ( as far as I can determine) is missing two pages because it appears to me to only cover the day one route.  The word document has (I believe) some errors in it but if read, one can “get the gist” of the route.  I’ve made inquiries to obtain more complete information.  I don’t yet have any updates.  We can discuss the event at the April Meeting on the 5th.

At this time We do not have a date in any of the current information.

BGSU BikeRoute 2018

Bike For Tikes 180 mile/ Three Day Route

Bike For Tikes – Day 1 Route (update 1-31-18)


Great Miami River Recreational Trail/Ohio Bicycle Rt. 25

1. From Franklin City High School parking lot, exit onto E. 4th Street

2. Go left (west) onto E. 4th Street.

3. Go 1.0 mile

4. Cross over Riley Blvd. (stop light)

5. Cross over S. main Street (stop light)

6. Crossover S. River Street

7. Enter Great Miami River Recreational Trail/Ohio Bicycle Rte 25 *

8. Go 15 miles. 1st rest stop- Carillon Historical Park

                      END PHASE #1- Carillon Historical Park

1. Continue on Great Miami River Recreational Trail

2. Go 3.9 miles. Go left on walkway bridge, across Mad River, then continue on Great Miami River Recreational Trail

3. Go 1.2 miles. Island Park- Restroom stop- (alternate lunch stop)

4. Go 8.6 miles to Taylorsville stop

                     END PHASE #2 Lunch stop at Taylorsville

1. Go 13.8 miles. Exit Great Miami River Recreational Trail at Miami Shore golf course (go right, through black gate to East Staunton Road /Hwy 55)

                    END PHASE #3 – Miami Shore golf course

1. go right, through black gate to East Staunton Road /Hwy 55)

2. Turn right onto East Staunton Road/Hwy 55.

3. Go 0.5 miles turn left on Maplecrest Drive.

4. Go 1.5 miles turn right onto Troy-Urbana Road. Go 5.5 miles

5. Go 5.5 miles. Cross over 589, through stop sign, arrive at Miami East High School, Casstown, Ohio


Miami East High School

Bike For Tikes – Day 2 route (Saturday)

1. Left out of Miami East High School onto Troy Urbana Road

2. Go 5.5 miles turn left onto South Elm Tree Road

3. Go 2.5 miles turn right onto Wolcott Road

4. Go 1.5 miles turn left onto 235

5. Go 7 miles and turn right into Kiser Lake State Park 6.5 miles

END OF PHASE #1. Kiser Lake State Park

1. Turn right out of Kiser Lake State Park

2. Turn left onto 235

3. Go 6.5 miles to Quincy

4. Turn right into FLOYD PARK-Quincy, OH


1. Continue Right on OH-235 (12.4 miles)


1. Continue on OH-235 (.9 miles)

2. Turn left to continue onto OH-235 (6 miles)

3. Follow signs for OH-235 through town. (1 miles)

4. Turn right into the Campground

5. Head for the Indian Lake State Park multipurpose room

6. 0.5 miles past the Administration office


     1. When leaving, turn Right on Hwy 235 (3 miles)

2. Turn Left on 251/ Rd 39 (2.4 miles)

3. Once into Roundhead, OH, continue on High St. / OH- 235. (450 ft./ .2 miles)

4. Turn left onto Water Street to continue on OH- 235 (4.2 miles)


1. Continue on OH- 235 for (6.4 miles)

2. Turn right on Lee St. to continue on OH- 235. (0.2 miles)

3. Turn Left on N. Fourth St to continue on OH- 235. (1.8 miles)

4. Turn right for Hwy 235, then turn left for OH- 235 shortly after (4.2 miles)

5. Turn Left on Montfold Ave.

6. Straight to Ada High School

END DAY #2 Ada High SchoolBike For Tikes – Day 3 Route


1. Exit Ada High School, turn left on OH-235 (11.6 miles)

2. Arrive at Mt. Cory Community Park.


1. Continue on OH-235 (3.5 miles)

2. Turn right to stay on OH-235 (2.3 miles)

3. Turn Left to follow OH-235 (6.3 miles)

4. Turn Right to OH-235 (0.4 miles)

5. Turn Left to follow OH-235 (0.9 miles) to the McComb Park.


1. Continue north on OH-235 (6 miles)

2. Turn right onto Highway 18/ Deshler Road

3. Go 4 miles, then turn left onto Business 18

4. Go 1.4 miles, turn left onto Main Street

5. Go 100 yards, turn right onto East Broadway Street

6. Go 100 yards, turn left into Slippery Elm Trail

END PHASE #3 at Slippery Elm Trail parking lot

1. Go 12.5 miles on Slippery Elm Trail

2. Turn right onto Slippery Elm Boardwalk at the Black Swamp Preserve.

3. Go 1/4 mile to Kenwood Elementary School, corner of Kenwood Avenue and West Napoleon Road.

END PHASE #4 at Kenwood Elementary School parking lot Continue to Police escort to Bowling Green State University


April meeting Presentation Lightning

K7DN and N8GJK have worked back & forth with Mr. Bacher of JB consulting to prepare a presentation for the April Meeting.  Mr. Bacher is the JB of JB consulting who works as a Product Regulatory Compliance Consultant.  He’s a life member of the IEEE and has about an hour long presentation for us regarding principles of electrical protection, bonding and grounding.   He plans to start at 6:30.

February 2018 Club meeting program

Februarys meeting program will be a presentation on a computer platform known as Raspberry Pi.  This is Essentially a “build as you go” system gaining in popularity with those wanting to stream their favorite TV
shows from the internet as it allows the user to get it for free.  However, there are many more uses for the Raspberry Pi format.  A
“Picoscope” a camera being but one example.  There are a great many other capabilities.  A visit to the following link may be helpful or attend our meeting Thursday February 1 and see what KD5PDB Mr. Paul Breneman has to show us.

links to the information presented are:

Ohio State Parks on the Air

Congratulations to all the members of the AB8DD team who won the Multi Op-Multi-Radio-High Power-In a Park again this year with 14,360 points.  Also to Dick N8OZB who operated in several parks in the Single Op Single Radio-High Power-In a Park, operating Indian Lake with 74 points and Kiser Lake with 61 points.

If you have never operated the contest or any other OSPOTA is a good place to start.




CQ World Wide SSB Contest This Weekend!

To anyone it may interest…

This weekend is the largest Amateur Radio competition in the world. Over 35,000 participants take to the airwaves October 28-29 starting 0000 UTC Saturday and Ends 2359 UTC Sunday. The goal is to make as many SSB contacts with as many different DXCC entities and CQ Zones as possible.

What does this mean to YOU?

This is the best weekend each year for you to establish SSB contacts throughout the world with many DX stations that may not normally be active! If you are set-up with ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTW) most if not all of the contacts you make will be uploaded into LoTW ensuring you get credit for contacts made.


What is the minimum information you do need to know?

CONTEST EXCHANGE: Your Call sign, Readability and Strength (RS) (e.g. 5/9) report plus CQ Zone number of the station location e.g., “AB8DD 59 04”, (we are in CQ Zone #4).

That is it!

How do you start?

  • Starting Saturday morning October 28 at 0001 UTC go to**see example below
  • Look at the list of DX station Call Signs and their locations, the list updates every few seconds with the newest “spots” at the top of the list.
  • Choose one of the “DX” Call Signs or Locations you are interested in making a contact with.
  • If the “spotter” is a USA call sign it is likely you too can hear the DX Station.
  • If you tune to the listed frequency and hear the DX station listen for the DX station to make several contacts before you transmit to ensure the DX station is transmitting and receiving on the same frequency and not using “split” operation, my experience with this contest is the DX stations will NOT be using split. **If they are using split do not attempt to make a contact unless you are proficient with split operation!! Not knowing how to use split can cause interference with proficient users, this contest is not the time to learn!
  • If the DX station is listening and transmitting on the same frequency, listen to also make sure he is not calling for stations to respond with a particular number in their call, sometimes a DX station will ask for only stations with a particular number in their call to respond in order to reduce the number of stations calling him (AKA the Pile-up), BE Patient they will get to your number! I.E. AB8DD = Number eight (8).
  • Don’t give-up! Keep calling, even with QRP Power DX stations will eventually hear you! In all my years calling if you are persistent YOU CAN MAKE THE CONTACT no matter what equipment you are using!



How do you get formal confirmation of contact?

  • The easiest way is for you to have an ARRL membership and sign-up for Logbook Of The World (LoTW).
  • Have a logging program or sign-up with QRZ and make your log entries in your free logbook.
  • QRZ and LoTW are now linked, once you have an established LoTW account and QRZ account you logbook is easily uploaded from QRZ to LoTW!
  • LoTW keeps track of any and all (ARRL) awards you qualify for!



What if you want to participate in the contest as a competitor?

I personally will be participating in the contest for the sole purpose of making 15 meter contacts to hopefully complete my 15 meter DXCC (need 23 more) if anyone is interested in stopping by and making some contacts feel free to call me and make arrangements, 15 meters will be most active midafternoon on Saturday and Sunday, all other times will be spent on whatever frequency is propagating at that particular time!

Also, next week Thursday 11/3 is the Club Meeting, make an effort to contact at least ONE station and share with the group your experience and the rare contact(s)s you were able to establish or could hear!