Repeaters/ Nets


  • We are happy to announce that both W8FTV repeaters are running Yaesu Fusion on AMS/AMS (Automatic mode selection). The use of standard FM with a 100hz tone for 147.000 and 186.2hz on 443.825 is available with no action by the FM user as before. If you hear odd sounds on the repeater it very well maybe club members using fusion. please refrain from kerchunking the repeater while this is happening.
  • The 147.000 repeater is now connected to echolink!

To use the node you need to search for W8WTD-L with the notation Bellefontaine link. The node is set up internet to repeater. You cannot connect by DTMF to other repeaters through this node. You can how ever connect with your smart phone or computer while away from the coverage area. Also in an emergency where we might need to link two Echolink-enabled repeaters,  A control operator could take care of it in a couple of minutes, should the need ever arise.

  • Talk to us on the W8FTV repeaters: 147.000+ PL 100Hz and 443.825+ PL 186.2Hz
  • 0900  Sunday mornings on 3.820 LSB we have a informal round table where all are invited.
  • 1930 Sunday nights on the W8FTV  147.000+ PL 100 Hz repeater is the Tool Time net.
 We invite Amateurs from anywhere to participate, and any non HAMS within range to listen. After check-ins the net becomes less formal and we encourage a round table discussion of Amateur Radio related Topics.We encourage others to add expertise or opinions to keep the Net interesting. We try to limit this net to 30 minutes so you can enjoy your families and other hobbies.Please feel free to check-in with your Call Phonetically, Name, QTH. and for your location’s County.